Acaia Calibration Weight 100 g

Keep your scale working as precisely as possible


Acaia Calibration Weight 500 G

Precise, F2-class 500 g calibration weight


Atlas Brew Stand

Sturdy brew stand designed for a 2-scale setup


Heat Resistant Coaster

Protect your scale from the heat interference of longer brews


Lunar Weighing Plate

Magnetic plate designed to fit on top of Acaia Lunar for either a portafilter or two cappuccino cups


Lunar Base

Create a barrier against the heat and moisture of your drip tray


Orion Hopper 2kg

Designed for the Orion Bean Doser


Pearl Carrying Case

Customized case to protect your Acaia Pearl Series

Charcoal blackCharcoal black
Smoky graySmoky gray

Pearl Heat Resistant Pad

Protect your scale from heat effects and scratches

Protective film for Pearl Series

Protective film for Pearl Series

Protect your Pearl series from scratches and daily wear and tear


Pearl S Lock

Keep your scale secure and fixed


Portafilter Dosing Cup Medium

A practical tool for transferring coffee from grinder to portafilter


Portafilter Dosing Cup Small

Easy to stack, easy to transfer, easy to use


53 mm Portafilter Dosing Cup

A 53 mm dosing cup designed to make your home espresso routine more efficient


Tea Scoops

Light, sleek, and clean. Ideal for the transfer of tea