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We've joined forces

with other industry leaders and innovators to build an ecosystem of companies committed to elevating coffee technology.

our projects

include adding our weight-based technology into existing products. For some, the collaboration is intensive, where we work directly with engineers to customize the technology to their needs.

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The new Baratza Sette 270Wi incorporates Acaia Sense Technology for weight-based grinding and offset prediction.

It's also Bluetooth-enabled to cooperate with our apps. View Product >

  • bluetooth
  • app integration
  • weighing techology
  • acaia sense


Opera V1 & V2

Sanremo Opera V1 & V2 offer an Acaia Dual Lunar that is double the width of the standard Lunar. The addition of the Dual Lunar adds a gravimetric customization to the Opera. It fits in a custom drip tray and is automatically connected to the Opera’s tablet. As recipes are dialed in, the Opera’s own app is able to save and sync the outputs, so you’re accurate for every shot. View Product >

  • bluetooth
  • weighing technology
  • acaia sense


stagg ekg+

The Stagg EKG+ is a minimalistic electric kettle that syncs to our Brewbar tablet app. Since the temperature probe rests within the kettle, you’ll be able to see your water temperature in real-time as you brew. View Product >

  • bluetooth
  • app integration
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