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We founded the company with a simple and challenging mission: to combine design and technology in the specialty coffee community.

We believe the future of coffee brewing equipment involves seamless software & hardware integration, quality service, and beautiful design.

Our Values

These beliefs help drive our
company and our vision.


Collaboration is the way forward in our industry. We’re open to working with manufacturers to further improve coffee products. Well-designed and functional products should be the norm. Our Projects >

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acaia community


Giving back to the community is necessary and important. We support a variety of non-profit cafes, education initiatives, and grassroots organizations in the industry. Read more >


Quality is the key to our products and service model. Our products incorporate high-quality components that are rooted in laboratory scale technology.

We hand-build them to last and also absorb customer feedback into firmware updates. In the event that something goes wrong, our support team is here to help answer questions and troubleshoot you through issues.

acaia brewmaster

our history

The Company

The company was co-founded in 2013. Our first product was the Acaia Pearl coffee scale, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter. The production model of the white Pearl officially launched at SCAA Expo in 2014 and won the Best New Product Award.

Our Products

Our products are infused with experiences in manufacturing laboratory precision balances and designing beautiful consumer products. Upon discovering that the specialty coffee industry had a need for precise and accurate scales, the founders set out to create one that was both aesthetically pleasing and precisely functional.

Our Team

The current team is made up of globally distributed specialty coffee industry professionals, product designers, and developers. Our passionate customers are the ones who drive our products and features.

We are hiring >

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