Uppers and Downers: Recap of the Event

Our scales made a showing at a recent event in Chicago called "Uppers and Downers," sponsored by Good Bear Hunting & Intelligentsia. A tribute to the culture of craft beer and craft coffee, the event highlighted beer-coffee collaborations and featured six roasters, pulling shots of their own coffee. Roasters featured included Gaslight Coffee Roasters, Intelligentsia, Sump Coffee, Counter Culture Coffee, Dark Matter Coffee, and MadCap Coffee.

Our rep, Nick Kohout, was on-site to help pull shots at the stations and man the scales that were resting at each of the La Marzocco Home stations.

Thalia Hall was an opera house that opened in 1892. It's currently used for concerts and other events.


Roasters arrived early to dial in their espresso.

Espresso was served in stemmed glassware – Scott from Sump Coffee removed the drip tray on his GS3 to accommodate for the height.

All in all, it was a great event and we really enjoyed watching 500+ people down shots of espresso like it was their favorite beverage.


Photos by Nick Kohout