New firmware tool to upgrade your scale

EDIT: This tool has been deleted. Please download our newest apps: Pearl Updater and Lunar Updater in iOS and Android. This page has been revised to reflect the new changes.

As we mentioned in a previous post, we've been working hard on a firmware tool that will update your scale's firmware from your phone. 


Firmware version 1.74

This version has several components:

  • Lowers the minimal display weight from 1.0 g to 0.3 g.
  • Changes the timer-weight dual display to show minutes: m:ss www
  • Adds ability to switch between dual display modes, useful for those who use the scale for both brewing and espresso. 
    • Brewing: m:ss www
    • Espresso: ss wwww

For a full list of previous firmware, please visit this page.


Read the instructions completely before beginning the update process.



To update your firmware, click to follow these instructions

To switch between brewing and espresso modes

The default of firmware 1.74 is to have the scale in brewing mode, designated "OFF."  

Brewing: OFF
Espresso: ON 

To switch, take your scale to the setup menu in the above steps 1 & 2. At step 3, enter password 0000. Toggle through the menus with short touches of the T button. When you reach "E_NodE," long hold on the T button to switch the display to ON. Long hold on T again to exit the menu. Press a long hold on the power button to turn the scale off.


For questions or concerns on the process, please contact us at or send us a message on Twitter @acaiacoffee.