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Acaia is offering product sponsorships to support and encourage a more diverse lineup of competitors. There are many obstacles for competitors and we hope this program will help in a small way.

This is open to competitors in the world who are competing in Barista or Brewers Cup. All competition levels are accepted: region, country, or world.

Selection Criteria

Selection will be based on a combination of need, impact, and product stock limitations.


We’re looking to sponsor competitors who may identify as one or more of any of the below.

  • First-time competitor in Barista or Brewers Cup
  • Independent competitor
  • Work for a business that is not providing monetary or product support
  • Woman
  • Racial or ethnic minority
  • Queer coffee professionals
  • Refugee
  • Person with disabilities
  • Veteran


What drives you to compete and how would you like your routine to influence the coffee industry? This does not need to be a philosophical essay. We’d love to learn more about you and why competing is important to you.


  • In exchange for product, we may ask you to provide photos, videos, and/or an interview.
  • Agree to our Code of Conduct
  • Use and represent Acaia’s products on the competition stage


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. For timeline, we will accept one to six months before the competition date. The one-month minimum is to give time to 1) process your application; 2) send your products; and 3) still have enough time left for you to practice with them.

There is also a limit on how many competitors we can sponsor per event per country. Availability is also dependent on stock. We wish we could donate everything but we don’t have that capacity.

If you live in Central or South America, please provide a US forwarder's address.

We are not able to sponsor:

  • A competitor we've sponsored before (we want to spread the love!)
  • A competitor from the same company as another competitor we've already agreed to sponsor
  • A competitor competing in: Iran or Turkey, due to current political or logistical limitations

To see if your country's competition spot has been fulfilled, please scroll past the application below.


To Apply

To apply, scroll down & fill out the form or visit this link. If you are not fluent in English, write in both your native language and English. We’ll do our best to find a translator.


I’m a competitor, but I don’t fit into any of these categories. Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer product discounts for competitors. Please let us know here.


What about Good Spirits, Latte Art or some other competition?

Unfortunately, due to stock, we aren’t able to sponsor every type of competitor. But, we do offer product discounts for competitors. Please let us know here.


What if I cancel my registration?

That’s okay. We would ask that you return the product, so we can provide it for another competitor.


Do I have to be registered for a competition to apply?

Yes, you need to have registered for the event to apply.


What is your time limit for applications?

Minimum: one month before the event date.
Maximum: six months before the event date.


What happens to the scales after I’m done?

You can keep them! They’re all yours. :)


What can I request?

White Pearls, Lunars, and some accessories. Ask for the dream and the worst we can say is that we’re out of stock or that it’s not possible. We try our best to fulfill requests, but we hope you understand if we’re not able to provide an Orion and fairy dust.


When will I hear back about my application?

We try and review & respond to applications every Friday. There are many applications to go through. We appreciate your patience.


I was sponsored by you before. Can I apply again?

Part of our goal for this program is to sponsor a variety of people. In order to do that, we do not sponsor the same people again. Please let us know here if you are interested in our discounts for competitors.


  • Holiday hours apply to our response times. If a response day is on the same day as a holiday office closure, the next response day will be used.
  • Updated Feb. 16, 2022. Regarding the 2022 competition season: The sponsorship program is paused through the end of the 2021-2022 competition season.


If you cannot view the embedded form below, please use this link to apply.

Sponsorship Spots Filled

The program is currently paused, see the NOTE section above.

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