Thanks Y’all! The Acaia just reached 100 Backers

Thank you Kickstarters!

First of all, we are very grateful for all of your support, it means a lot to us! We just reached 100 backers, and all early birds pledges are all gone, which brings us one step closer to our goal.

All these feedbacks from you are very helpful, though sometimes we cannot provide an immediate reply to everyone (because we need to input more time on the development of the Acaia), we will always try to get back to each and everyone of you as soon as possible!

Timer Implementation

One of the most common question we received lately is: Will there be a timer implemented to the scale?

At the beginning, we decided to add the timer feature on the App because we wanted to keep the Acaia Coffee Scale simple and clean. But after listening to your voices and going thorough an internal discussion, we decided to go for it. This is really a tough decision, since we wanted to deliver the final product to you on time, adding an extra feature might delay the production process.

Right now we are working on adding a timer/stopwatch to the scale. Adding a timer is not an easy task, on the technical side, the mold of the Acaia scale is already shaped, so there’s little we can do to alter the case of the scale, and on the user experience side, we wouldn’t want to risk messing up the simplicity of the Acaia scale, we want to make sure adding an extra feature will become an improvement instead of a burden to the user experience of the scale, so a lot must be taken into consideration, such as the intuitive design of the control method. But we will try our best to provide the best user experience of Acaia coffee scale to all of you dedicated backers!

Help us spread the words!

There’s still a long way to reach our final goal of $30,000 so we can cut the cost for mass production and make hardware improvement, we sincerely hope that you can help us to spread the words so this campaign can succeed, moreover, we welcome all kind of feedbacks because we want the Acaia to be the best coffee brewing scale for all you coffee lovers out there!

note: We’ve expanded our FAQ section, feel free to check it out.

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Many thanks,

The Acaia TeamX