Some Facts About the acaia Coffee Scale

During the last 3 weeks after receiving most of the surveys, we have been testing and fine tuning the details of the acaia scale. For the best user experience, I have decided to make the standard range of acaia Coffee Scale into :

In range of 0~1000g, min=1g, and d=0.1g in this range, the decimal weight will be 0.1g In range of 1000~2000g, d=0.5g, in this range, the decimal weight will be 0.5g. However, there will be an option in our settings to make it into the advance mode of 0~2000g full range d=0.1g.

You might wonder why I would do this, why not just do it as 0.1g full range if you can. The reason is user experience. I always try to see from a user perspective.

In the case of full range 0~2000g , d=0.1. It is likely some people who does not posses a strong scale domain knowledge will mistaken the high resolution of a scale to be inaccurate.

Let me make a more specific example, all the scales in the consumer market is non-linear. If it is accurate at 200g, it is most likely if you put it up to 1200g, it will only display 1196g. (For instance the Hario Scale). This is called linearity tolerance, there are specific guidance for each tolerance of the scale. I will not go into too technical of this, but we will be posting these domain knowledge for you on our acaia Blog.

When our scale weighs a more heavy weight say 1200g, and reads at 1200.2g or 1200.3g it is very likely to be shifting around the range of 1200.2g ~ 1200.5g, which is due to the oscillation of the force when you put a higher weight. (note that there are also other factors, including breeze.) If we set the standard from a industrial standard, there are guidance for each of these tolerances. But from a user’s standpoint, people without the understanding of this will think the scale is inaccurate as suggested by our user group in our closed beta testing, to avoid these confusion, we decided to set the 1000g~2000g which are more vulnerable to different ambiance noise to increase at 0.5g with a min at 1g.

But we will also remain the option for more advanced users to set it down to full range 0~2000g 0.1g with a min at 1g

All this might be very technical related, but we want to introduce all these information to everyone along the way. We have intensive support and knowledge from worldclass balance company, and we would like to share with everyone what we learned. So the final specification that will be shipped to you will be:

Max= 1000g / 2000g Min= 1g / 1000g d= 0.1g / 0.5g with an option to set resolution to full range 1~2000g / 0.1g

We are very happy to add these features to the acaia scale, and at the same time trying to simplify the product as much as possible. This is what we strive for and will always be working upon – simplify the complex.X