SCAA 2016 Preview


We’re in Atlanta for SCAA Expo! This year, we are featuring roasters and baristas at our booth, plus showing off some new items we’ve been working hard on.

Find us in booth #1565!

We will be selling a limited stock of scales and accessories. If you are interested in purchasing products, we recommend visiting earlier during the show, as we may sell out quickly.

Here’s our brewing schedule! We're thankful to be working with a talented group of roasters and baristas. You'll be able to try coffee from pros, using our newest products AND test it out for yourself!

acaia booth schedule 


10-12pm Equator Coffee & Teas | Akaash Saini

12-2pm Kaldi's Coffee | Andrew McCaslin

2-4pm Onyx Coffee Lab | Andrea Allen & Dylan Siemens



10-12pm Supersonic Coffee Co | Brian Jones & Bjorg Brend Laird

12-2pm Variety Coffee Roasters | Erika Vonie 

2-4pm Steadfast Coffee | Lee Sill



10-12pm Intelligentsia Coffee | Andy Atkinson

2-4pm Cat & Cloud | Jared Truby & Chris Baca


1) NEW Brewbar app

The Acaia Brewbar is an iPad app that helps baristas dial-in their pourover and consistently replicate the recipes. It connects four Acaia Coffee Scales and compatible grinders at the same time.

acaia brewbar

We anticipate that the app will help cafes manage quality control and pourover recipes. To dial in, baristas can record up to five pours per coffee. After comparing the pours, the barista selects one to use as the Master and can drop it into Brewbar to be used for that day’s brews. All brews that day will subsequently be recorded in the app for quality assurance!

acaia brewbar

This app is currently in beta for iOS tablets. The Android version is in development. It will be on display in our booth and in Baratza’s booth #1428.


2) NEW Brewguide app

The Acaia Brewguide app is a mobile app that helps coffee enthusiasts and geeks record brewprints. Each brew print is categorized by coffee and you will be able to view the prints that each person has made for that particular coffee. You will also be able to “ghost” another person’s recipe, as well as view your accuracy!

acaia brewguideacaia brewguide


3) Acaia Links

A brand-new endeavor, Acaia Links works with manufacturers to connect their product to the Acaia apps.

baratza sette 270w

Our newest collaboration is with Baratza, the grinder manufacturers! Their newest lineup of grinders, the Sette, features a grind-by-weight grinder that syncs to our Brewbar app. The load cell inside the grinder displays to the tenth of a gram.

In addition to the Bluetooth capabilities, the grinder will feature a smart running dose offset calibration. This means that if the inputted weight in the app is not the same as the output from the grinder, the grinder will "learn" and offset the next dose. It will be a continual learning process for the grinder and app.

sanremo opera

Another recent collaboration with Sanremo allows their volumetric Opera espresso machine to become a gravimetric one. The scales are synced to the Opera’s interface, allowing you to use the Acaia lunar to program recipes! Check it out in action in Sanremo’s booth #1529.


4) Atlas and Titan stands

We are debuting our newest accessories: pour over stands! The Atlas is a smaller stand, designed to rest on top of your Pearl. On top of the base, you can rest your lunar. This combo will allow you to track your slurry weight (the weight that is currently in your pour over device) and your beverage weight (the output). By connecting the scales to our Brewbar app, you’ll be able to track TWO different flow rates!

acaia titan stand

acaia atlas stand

5) Competitor Support

Are you competing this weekend for the US Barista Championships and/or US Brewers Cup? Bring your digital scales by the booth for a calibration! We’ll have all our calibration equipment with us and we’d be happy to make sure you’re as accurate as possible for your routine. This offer applies for all digital scales that can hold a calibration.

Remember to turn off your scales' Bluetooth settings if you are not using the app during your routine!


6) Calibration weights

Speaking of calibration weights, we are releasing two Acaia-branded weights for your calibration needs. The 100 g and 500 g weights can be used for both your Lunar and Pearl. They are F2 class weights and a small amount will be for sale at our booth!

acaia calibration weight


7) New Swag

We've got some new swag in! Totes (with designs by Department of Brewology) will be given out to the first 50 people who complete our challenge at #SCAA2016, while the Acme cup sets are going to be shown off. We're reserving both these swag items for future event sponsorships, too!

acaia toteacaia tote

acme acaia

Since most of our team is in Atlanta this week, our US and Canada support team will be more delayed in responses than usual. We ask that you’re patient with us. All will return to normal on Tuesday, April 19.