New Pearl Firmware Update 2.0

It’s time for a major update on our Pearl firmware! Firmware 2.0.008 is now available in the Pearl Updater app on iOS. The update will be available for Android users in one week. (EDIT August 1- This update is now available in the Google Play store.)

Update your firmware app and then you’ll be able to select the new firmware. Here’s the guide for updating your scale’s firmware. Please note that there are two different methods of entering Update Mode.

Once you open the Pearl Updater app, you’ll be able to choose between Option A and Option B. These two options differ only in which modes will be turned on for you upon firmware installation. You can turn modes 1–5 on and off yourself in the scale’s Settings menu.

Option A has three modes turned on: Mode 0, 2, and 5. Option B has five modes turned on: Mode 0, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

To switch between modes, long press on the Power button.

New Modes

Here’s an easy reference graphic for all of the modes available to you.

acaia firmware pearl modes

Mode 0 - Weight Only

This mode is not new and is automatically available to you. It shows only the weight on the display in 0.0 g format.

Mode 1 - Espresso Mode

This mode is not new and was added to be used for espresso. It displays time up to 59 seconds and weight in a 0.0 g format. To turn this mode on, you will need to access the Settings menu.

Mode 2 - Timer Dual Mode

This mode is not new and displays both time and weight. It will show time up to 9:99 and weight in 0 g. To start the timer and to tare the scale, you will need to press the buttons.

Mode 3 - Timer Auto-Start Mode (NEW)

This mode is indicated by an orange light on the left side of your display. Place materials on scale. Tap Power Button to automatically tare. The timer display will be flashing, which means it’s ready for the pour. Begin pouring and the timer will start with the pour.

Mode 4 - Beverage Mode (NEW)

This mode was specifically designed for pour overs and extraction measurements. Follow instructions on the screen to place the carafe, filter, and coffee (tap Tare in between steps). Timer will start with the pour. Lift all but the carafe off to stop the timer. The flashing number is your beverage weight with all items subtracted. This would also be the weight you use to calculate your extraction.

Mode 5 - Auto-Tare Mode (NEW)

This mode is indicated by Atr showing on the left side. It will display weight only. Place the item on the scale and it will automatically tare. This will be helpful if you have to weigh out dosages often and would rather not manually press the tare button every time.

To turn on or off Modes 1–5, you can go through your scale’s Settings menu. The beginning of the below video shows you how to enter the Settings menu. When you reach the Mode that you want to turn on or off, long press on the T and then tap T to toggle the switch.



Additional Firmware Updates

  • Feature added back in: gram/oz quick toggle via T long press.
  • To turn Pearl OFF, double tap Power Button. We removed the long press Power Button to turn the scale off.
  • FIXED- Auto Power Off - When there is no weight change and the timer runs to 9:59, some scales were not automatically turning off. This has been fixed to have the scales automatically turn off to preserve battery.


Video Overviews





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