NEW: iOS SDK/API release

In response to popular requests, we are releasing our new SDK/API for iOS devices. We look forward to seeing the projects that come out of this release!

Our SDK is provided as-is with two components:

  • Github for two example apps that you can use to get started. One is written in Object-C & the second in SWIFT
  • Cocoapods with specifications on including the SDK in your app

The functionality of the SDK includes:

  • Scan for an Acaia scale (Pearl and Lunar with the latest firmware)
  • Bluetooth connect & disconnect
  • Tare
  • Read weight
  • Timer start and stop

An example of this being put to use is Kávékalmár Kft’s new Espresso Profiler technology that pairs with our Acaia Lunar.

If you have issues, please first check that you are updated to the latest firmware version for the scales. To send us feedback about the SDK please email

The SDK is currently only available for IOS devices and works with both the Pearl and Lunar scales. The use of the Cinco scale is a possibility in the coming future. 

Finally, if you need additional support or more code, we are happy to discuss business partnerships through