New! Fortified Lunar Base

Designed with commercial environments in mind, the new Acaia Lunar Base is a fortified replacement for your Acaia Lunar. This base is an excellent option for those who use their Lunar daily and very frequently. The kit comes with all the tools and instructions for you to install the base yourself. It will require removing the original base and replacing it with the one provided in the kit.

Things to know about the new Lunar Base:

  • It adds 4 mm on all sides of the Lunar. This is to shield the Lunar from heat & moisture in shallow drip trays. It also provides a more stable surface for weighing.
  • The inner base is aluminum and the outer base is polycarbonate.
  • This is a do-it-yourself installation.

You can purchase the new Lunar Base online here. International distribution will be through our global partners. If your nearby partner does not retail it, please contact hello at and we will find a way to mail it to you.