New Firmware Apps, Updates to Current Apps

Big news today: we have a new firmware release + updates to our current apps! And, to aid in the firmware update process, we have new apps to assist.

If you previously updated your firmware with the iOS Firmware Tool, please delete the app.

The new firmware apps are "Lunar Updater" and "Pearl Updater." These are both available in the App Store and Google Play.

App Store direct links: Lunar Updater / Pearl Updater

Google Play direct links: Lunar Updater / Pearl Updater

From this moment on, any app updates (e.g. Brewmaster) and new apps we release will require these firmware versions:

  • Pearl: version 1.8
  • Lunar: version 2.5.067

The acaia Coffee app and the Brewmaster app have been newly updated and can now be found in both the App Store. Brewmaster is still only on iOS for the moment. If you update these apps, you need to also update your scales' firmware.

To update your firmware, click to follow these instructions

We will also host a live Periscope session today (January 21) at 1 pm PST (San Francisco) to walk you through the process. Tune in on Periscope @acaiacoffee.

So here are the updates:

For both scales, we've added Zendesk support so when you report bugs, we receive information about your phone model & operating system.

Pearl 1.8 firmware:

  • When you enter calibration mode, the scale will display 100.0 g.
  • Removed the long press of the tare button, which would switch the scale from ounces to grams. You can still change the unit through our apps or via the settings.
  • Minimum start weight lowered from 0.3 g to 0.1 g.
  • Ability to disable the scale's Bluetooth settings. The default is on.
  • Double tap on the power button to turn the scale off. This matches the lunar's turn off. You can still turn off the scale with a long press, but it will be removed in the future.
  • If the scale turns off in the dual display mode, the scale will restart in the same mode.

Lunar: 2.5.067 firmware
*If you recently purchased a lunar, you likely already have this version installed.
  • Added auto-off at 5 minutes. When you're connected to the scale with our app, you can make a brewprint; after 5 minutes of idle time on the scale, it'll automatically turn off. The option to turn off the auto-off is still in place.
  • Ability to disable the scale's Bluetooth settings. The default is on.

To turn ON/OFF Bluetooth function:

If you want to disable the Bluetooth, please follow these instructions below:

1. Press and hold Power button while turning ON the scale. When the LED display shows [ACAIA] and then [SEt] , press and hold Tare Button for another 1 second without releasing button. Release both and buttons when the display shows [F.0000] with the very left 0 flashing.

2. Press and hold Tare button for 1 second to move the flashing digit to the right. Repeat this step for 3 times to enter the password F.0000.

3. Press and hold Tare button for 1 second to confirm the password to enter into the Setup Mode.

4. Tap Tare button to switch setting until the display shows [bt_SEt] .

5. Press and hold Tare Button to enter into the Bluetooth Setup Setting.

6. Tap the Tare button to turn the Bluetooth ON or OFF.