Kickstarter Project: Kinoshito & Kuro the Cat

Acaia is launching an exciting new Kickstarter project, but not as you would expect! We are delighted to collaborate on the creation of a unique Japanese comic book with the artist who made it.

Kinoshita & Kuro the Cat is an original story about a coffee and science enthusiast, and his mysterious cat Kuro. The book is drawn and written by Wako and focuses on the lives of the two with lots of humor and coffee knowledge along the way. Currently, manga is a critical element of Japanese pop culture, where not only kids but adults also enjoy this unique narrative media. Acaia strongly believes this combination of coffee and manga will open the chances of more people to enjoying a deeper look into the coffee world.

An illustration from the manga of an Acaia Pearl scale and the app in use.

The two main characters drinking coffee together on a couch and talking.Our initial goal is 200,000 JPY to launch and publish the book. A further goal is that if we completed our Kickstarter of up to more than 300,000JPY, we will publish the international English version too. At the time of posting this, we’ve already surpassed our initial goal!

Check out more about the project on our Kickstarter page and a video introduction to Wako below!