How to customize the Acaia App timer settings

One of our favorite features in the app is the ability to customize any of the brew methods' timer settings. We've seen this feature be used in professional training sessions & also as a tool for novice home brewers. The parameters we provide are starting points. You are not required to use them & are more than welcome to edit the recipes as you please.

For the week that our team was at SCAA, our sales manager, Nick, found himself taking advantage of the app's features in an unexpected way. As many coffee professionals can attest, they are the ones making coffee at home for their families. For one whole week, Nick's non-coffee professional significant other would need to make coffee for herself. 

So, he found himself customizing a timer with exacting instructions. Here, he shares his method:

Go to the Settings menu (the gear symbol), and find the Timer Settings option.


Then you'll see this set of options:


It's also possible to alter the timer settings for the stock brewer timers.

Once you select a timer to customize, you'll see this:


Touch the green plus sign to add timer segments. Once you're done renaming the segments, you can touch "Done" and then touch each segment to alter its length. Keep in mind that you are specifying the length of the segment itself, and not the total elapsed time at which the segment begins.

When you're done, you should see something like this:

You can then select the custom timer you've created when recording a Brewing Print by touching the "Brew Method" section of the Brewing Print parameters screen.

You can also alter the timer directly from the Brewing Print parameters screen by touching the timer length section.


So there you have it! We'd love to see how you've customized your recipes! Tweet us @acaiacoffee or post on our Facebook wall.