Here Comes the Acaia Built-in Timer Implementation!

Finally! We are so excited to share with you this good news, after continuous day and night hard work, we are determined to bring a stopwatch function into the Acaia, and we have done it!

The stopwatch function is being implemented on the Acaia Coffee Scale in a clean and intuitive way as you can see in the following videos. There are two stopwatch mode for you to toggle between: the basic stopwatch mode and the dual mode which display the stopwatch and the weight at the same time.

The Basic Stopwatch Mode

In this mode, there is a stopwatch that counts from 0 sec to 1000 minutes. Touch the button on the right will start or pause the stopwatch, if you want to reset, simply :long: touch the right button.

The Stopwatch and Scale Dual Mode

In this mode you can see both the stopwatch and the weight at the same time, simply touch the power button on the left and counting will start, touch the button again and the counting will pause, to reset the stopwatch, :long: touch the right button.

The taring function will not be interfere by the stopwatch, just touch the right button and it will trigger the tare function.

When you trigger the touch sensitive button, there will be both a audible and visual feedback on the touchscreen buttons, one of the LED of the scale will provide feedback when you touch any button.

We are still working to improve the stopwatch function, and also checking on the hardware improvements, will share more photos of the current state of the Acaia with you next time! Meanwhile…

Please tell us what you think about the stopwatch implementation!

p.s. A very special thanks to all of our supporters who provided us with so many helpful feedbacks and we must say we really appreciate it! The implementation of timer couldn’t have been done without your support, and we just want to tell you that Rex and I will always be open-minded to all kind of ideas and feedback, so feel free to send us ANY message and tell us what you think!

We always listen because this is how we learn to make the Acaia Coffee Scale better for every coffee lover!

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