For Backer Who’re Interested in the Pure White Acaia

Issues on the Pure White Acaia
In responding to many of the backers who are interested in the pure white. I have received a lot of inputs regarding to the pure white version, and I want to share a bit of the issues we have with the pure white. The problem is not only that the cost is higher, but also a lot more production issues. At this moment, we still cannot solve the production issues, and there is still no guarantee we can bring the pure whites in the future mass productions. One of the key problem is that we cannot obtain enough consistent parts for this. But we didn’t want to let our backers down, so we work very hard to see what we can do to bring them to you.

More Pure White Acaia? Yes.
As pointed out by backers, we should have the pure white as a selection for our kickstarter backers and not to consider the problems of mass production. I think it is right! (Awesome kickstarter backers!) So we managed to get a few more of these regardless of the high cost and would like to offer to all backers with the selection.

Upgrades for the Space Black Limited Acaia, too!
At the same time, we will update the Space Black limited edition with Blue-White LEDs.without increasing cost. For backers who pledged for the Space Black can still have an option to remain the green LEDs.

So we will offer again these Pure White Acaia as limited versions and with a reflected higher cost.

Thank you all for supporting the Acaia project, and we are really happy to have received so many feedbacks from you, as you can see, we are really trying to provide the best to our backers, so if you have anything that you want us to know, either it’s positive or negative feedbacks, please drop us a message!

Notes on changing pledges:

1. For Existing Backers, if you want to change your pledge, cancel your original pledge and pledge the one you want, if you are not interested in the Pure White, you don’t have to make any adjustments.

2. For Existing Early Bird Pure White Backers, do not worry, you can still keep your pure white acaia with the serial number and the $49 special price, after all you guys are the early supporters!

3. For Backers who used to pledge the Classic White Acaia, and want to switch to the Pure White here’s two options:
a. Cancel your Classic White pledge and pledge the $69 Pure White Acaia.
b. Increase your Classic White Acaia from $59 to $69.

4. For New Backers who’s interested in the Pure White Acaia, you can pledge the $69 level of Pure White Acaia, there’s only a limited number of the additional Pure White Acaia, after these 100 pieces, we are not sure if we can bring the pure whites in the future mass productions.

5. For Backers who pledged the Space Black Acaia, the original came with a green led, but we are upgrading ALL SPACE BLACK to Blue-White LED, so if you want to remain the green led, please drop us a message and we’ll save the green one for you.

Here’s a link to Kickstarter: