Behind-the-scenes on the Acaia Lunar's production

Every scale you purchase from us is hand-assembled by a team of technicians trained in balance technology. The lunar espresso scale, our newest product, takes 70 minutes to assemble & quality assure. On average for smaller & lower-priced scales, it will take 3 minutes.

So what goes on during the assembly? Before the scale is pieced together, we treat applicable parts for water resistance. Then, one screw at a time, the assembly begins.


Here, the scale is being tuned. 

A crucial step in this process & essential to lab balances is what we call "grinding." The scale is resting on a pillar. We place a weight in one corner & are simultaneously able to access the internal sensor. We move the weight around & physically adjust the sensor's structure to the weight. Each scale is tuned by hand – no scale is exactly the same.


Finally, we test the scale & run them through our quality assurance protocol.


You can preorder the lunar today for shipping later this month.