Announcing: the Acaia Lunar espresso scale

Today we are proud and excited to announce the Acaia Lunar barista scale.

The Lunar is designed to deliver the same accuracy and connectivity as the Pearl while being able to withstand the environment of a commercial espresso machine’s drip tray. The 10.5 cm2 anodized aluminum platform is sealed against liquid entry, and the electronics within have a protective spray coating to shield against moisture.

It’s THE barista-proof scale. If you’ve ever had to discard a scale due to an errant stream of espresso or a cup that tipped over in your drip tray, this is your answer.

To show how serious we are, each Lunar comes with a 2-year warranty against water damage. If you manage to drown your scale and the case is intact (i.e. you didn’t drop/dent it), then we’ll send you a new one to replace it.

To purchase: we will be selling the scale at #SCAA2015 in our booth #18041. Afterward, our partner La Marzocco Home will be the exclusive resellers for one month. Scales are shipping out May to June.

Coming soon as accessories to the Lunar are a heat-shielded weighing platform and our new app, Brewmaster. The platform is designed to hold two cappuccino milk course cups side by side, a portafilter, or a carafe/brew vessel (hence the heat shielding). Brewmaster is a streamlined recording app for quickly recording brews and shots with detailed flow rate information.


More notes on the Lunar:

Liquid damage prevention

The Lunar is designed to prevent liquid damage. If you’ve been following our technical blog posts, you’ll know that varying temperature is a major factor in scale accuracy. If a large amount of hot liquid ends up on the Lunar, the scale will live, but its accuracy will be affected until it returns to room temperature.

To put it another way: You are free to allow espresso to run directly onto the Lunar, but 1) Why are you wasting delicious coffee? and 2) Espresso is HOT, and the aluminum in the scale is warming up.


0.01 g

We’ve introduced an optional “reference” digit on the Lunar - it will read to the .01g if the resolution is set to “High”. Keep in mind, though, that we are only presenting this as a .1g x 2kg scale. The hundredth digit is for reference only.


Auto-start in dual mode

There are now two different “Dual” modes built into the firmware. The first is similar to the pearl’s, with a timer on the left and the weight on the right. The power button is now start/stop/reset in sequential presses. Additionally, the “weigh to brew” mode will automatically start the timer when the scale detects an increasing weight, like the start of a brew or espresso extraction.


100 g calibration weight

Investing in a good scale is investing your coffee brewing. Included in every lunar package will be a 100 g calibration weight & strips to place under your scale to protect metal-on-metal scratching. We will also be including a small heat pad, so the scale can be turned into a coffee brewing scale if desired.




At SCAA2015, you will find our lunar, black, and white Pearls all together in our booth. Visit us at booth #18041 or La Marzocco Home's booth to test out the lunar. We've also entered for Best New Product this year, so be sure to vote for us!

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NOTE: The scale is not waterproof. It is water resistant. We do not recommend washing scales (any scales) underwater or putting them in water.