Acaia is Fully Funded and Stretch Goal Colours Unlocked!

Yay! The Acaia Coffee Scale Project is Fully Funded!

Thank you sooooooooo much all Acaia Backers and supporters! The Acaia is Fully Funded! The process has been great and we reached our funding goal sooner than we expected, it is wonderful to have all of your insightful feedbacks, and now it’s our turn to show our gratitude.

New Colours Unlocked!

We have been talking with our manufacturers, and it’s confirmed that we are able to present our backers with two special colour Acaia for the stretch goal colours, which is a set of softer colour tone: Aqua Blue and Rose Pink!


Aqua is the colour of water, one of the most important element to produce the bean juice, the soft colour Aqua Blue Acaia will light up your tabletop.

Rose Pink is one of the colour requested by many backers, as most colour has been too cold for the kitchen, we decided to unlock a softer and warmer colour. The Rose Pink Acaia is so sweet and lovely that makes it the best gift for your beloved one.

In celebration of passing our goal, New backers can have two extra colour option to choose from, as for all existing backers, you can add $49 to get a Aqua Blue Acaia or a Rose Pink Acaia (it’s $69 for New Backers), because you made it happened!

A survey will be sent out at the end of kickstarter that will allow you to select and confirm the exact rewards you pledged for.