Acaia at SCA Expo 2017


We’re back at SCA Expo again this year! Find us at Booth #1927.


In the booth

Our booth will be staffed by a number of people from our team. We won’t all be there at the same time, so if you’re looking to set up a meeting, make sure you email ASAP!

  • Tony, customer service technician
  • Rex, co-founder
  • Jana, US sales manager
  • Jenn, digital marketing manager
  • Chris, international sales manager
  • Jordan, strategic technology director

Every day, we’ll be featuring a few guest roasters. Check out the schedule below and stop by to say hi to your new favorite roaster.

We will also have special event pricing and a limited supply of our products.

  • White Pearl: 120
  • Black Pearl: 140
  • Lunar: 200

Equipment partner thank you

A warm thank you to our equipment partners:

  • Sanremo: Opera espresso machine
  • Baratza: 270W with coarse burrs
  • Fellow: kettle
  • December dripper: our volunteer brewers will have the opportunity to brew on a new brewing device
  • Visions & Espresso Parts: You’ll be able to purchase our products in their booths


  • In the classrooms: we’re sponsoring scales in the Pathways classrooms
  • On bar: you’ll find our scales being used at the BGA brew bar at Expo and at the Re:co Symposium brew bar

New product preview: Orion Bean Counter

The Orion Bean Counter is a minimalistic and compact dosing system. In partnership with Khristian Bombeck from Saint Anthony Industries, we’ve designed a customizable tool for dosing out your coffee.

Designed for roasters for weighing out retail bag portions and cafes for portioning out pour over brews, the system is precise within 0.5 g.



Basics of the Orion Bean Counter include:

  • Interchangeable hopper with 400 g or 2 kg capacity
  • Easy control dial for programming your dosage: two saved modes & one manual mode
  • Bluetooth connectivity to all of our apps
  • High-speed dispensing up to 15 g per second (20 g will take 5 sec)
  • Industrial-grade, dose-by-weight system
  • Aluminum construction with dark gray anodized finish

We invite you to our booth to check out the prototype and to vote for us in the Best New Product category!

This is estimated to ship in the 3rd quarter of 2017.

Pearl Firmware 2.01

Two new modes! These will be on display at the booth and new scales are currently shipping with the firmware. The update will be made available to current owners in the next month. We've added an auto-timer mode that will automatically start the timer once you begin pouring. The timer will continue running until you stop it.

The beverage mode will sequentially remember the weights of your carafe, brewer, filter, and coffee. At the end of your brew, remove the carafe and brewer and you will see the beverage weight. This will help you calculate your extraction yield.


Competitor support

Like during the US regionals, we’ll be offering the same competitor support of calibration and quick fine-tuning of scales.

Here are our recommendations for general scale settings in a competition environment:

1) Change your Filter setting to 128 (max) if you find that the tables are unsteady.
2) Turn off your Bluetooth if you are not using it.
3) Turn off beeps if you do not want them.
4) Turn off the auto-off if you do not want the scale turning off after a certain amount of idle time.
5) If using the Lunar, turn off the modes that you do not want to use.
6) When charging or storing the scales, set them on their SIDE to avoid engaging the load cell.

To find out how to access these settings, visit Page 14 of our Pearl manual or Page 19 of our Lunar manual online.


US customer support

Because our US team will be in Seattle from April 17 to 24, we ask that you be a little more patient with our service. Questions will be responded to as quickly as possible, but repairs will be delayed.