Official Scale Sponsor for SCAA Barista Guild Barista Camps

We are very excited to announce a year-long partnership with the SCAA Barista Guild of America’s Barista Camp. For the next three camps (Fall, Winter, and Spring), we will be the first-ever, Official Scale Sponsor. Coffee professionals attending the camps will have a chance to brew with our scales in classes, as well as explore them during the open lab sessions.

To prep for your attendance and to get the most out of the scale, we suggest downloading our free app in iTunes or Google Play. While the scale can be used without the app, it is better experienced with it, as you can take advantage of some of the cool features, like the brewing print. This feature will be especially useful for those of you who are taking the brew classes.

Consistency is key to brewing a beautiful cup of coffee.

See you all at Barista Camp!