New: Acaia Updater App

New! This month, we are introducing our brand new Acaia Updater App. The App will be available on both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store

The new Acaia Updater app now combines the Pearl S, Lunar, Orion, and Cinco updaters through one seamless and clear interface. The app is easy to use and clear in its instructions. The original Pearl scale updater will be kept online as the Pearl scale connection is different from that of the Lunar and other models. We will update both as we release new firmware updates. 

an image of the homescreen of the Acaia Updater app

The Acaia Updater App will display and download all current firmware and information for the above models mentioned, including firmware number and release notes. 

To see past updates visit our page here for more information. 

All other updater apps (apart from Pearl, EtzMAX, and Sette) will be retired with the release of the combination updater.

Watch the video below on how to find and update with the new Acaia Updater.