MICE Preview: Silver Lunar & Dosing Cup

It’s time for another Melbourne International Coffee Expo! This year, we’re excited to debut a few new products. These will be available for preorder with our Australian resellers.

Silver Lunar

Both a Silver and Black Lunar on an espresso machine measuring espresso

We’re excited to introduce a fresh new color for our Lunar espresso scale. This silver, anodized aluminum Lunar will look right at home on your drip tray. Aside from the color, there are no other differences between the silver and black colors.

The new Lunar Silver will be available to purchase at MICE from Bombora in stand 125-126 and Toby's Estate in stand 79.

This Lunar will be available now in the US and globally in March.


Dosing Cup (M)

the newly designed dosing cup

A refreshed design on our first dosing cup, this medium dosing cup features a new fully circumferencing lip for greater grinder compatibility.

The previous version had a cut out for the Mahlkonig EK grinders, which worked well, but was not inclusive of other grinder manufacturer models. It is also 12 mm shorter to accommodate a wider range of grinders.

Some features that we kept were the anti-static finish, food-grade 304 stainless steel, and the 58 mm mouth diameter.

US customers can find these online now. Global availability will be in April.


Pin Set

a trio of Acaia pins showcasing two scales and an Orion Bean Doser on a jacket

We’re also excited to be launching our new three-piece pin set! The set, which was designed by illustrator Bethany Robertson, is made of enamel and showcases our Pearl and Lunar scales, as well as our Orion Bean Doser. A great way to show your love for Acaia!