Acaia at #SCAA2015

Come visit us at booth #18041 on the SCAA show floor! We’ll be demoing each of our scales with equipment graciously provided by our friends at La Marzocco Home, Baratza, Curtis, Prima Coffee Equipment & IP Coffees Specialty. We will also be selling the pearl, in white and black, and the Eclipse Edition of the new Lunar drip tray scale.


Eclipse edition details

The Eclipse Edition is a limited preproduction run of the Lunar made specially for the SCAA Event. We’re distributing a few of these to our partners who have helped us grow, but the rest will be available for purchase at $200 from our booth. Since the Eclipse is a preproduction model, we’ll be supporting it rather closely, with firmware updates as necessary. In the event that we include a small heat pad with the production model, we will ship pads to those customers who have purchased the Eclipse Edition at SCAA.


Pre-order the lunar

Our friends at La Marzocco Home will also be taking preorders on the acaia x LM Home editions of the scale to be sold exclusively through La Marzocco Home for the month following the SCAA show. These scales are laser etched with our logo & La Marzocco Home's logo. You can see them in-person in the La Marzocco Home's booth on the Skybridge.

You can preorder the lunar now.


Booth experience

We’ve set up our booth so visitors can try out all of our products themselves. Those interested in the Lunar will be able to pull shots with a La Marzocco GS/3 and Lux grinder, and those seeking the pearl can brew with them along with a Curtis water tower, Baratza Forte BG grinders, wares provided by Prima Supply & coffee by IP Coffees Specialty.


New app: Brewmaster

We've also released our latest app "Brewmaster" on the App Store. This is a slimmed down app for the professional who needs to log many espressos in a day. You can test this app out now or in our booth.


Social media contests: Win a black pearl & lunar

Lastly, we are giving away one black pearl and one lunar at the Event! These contests are running through the weekend on Twitter & Instagram. Find us @acaiacoffee.

Contest details:  

1. Take an inspirational photo with Porlex grinders, Acme & Co. Ceramics or the acaia | Pearl black while you're at #SCAA2015.
2. On Instagram or Twitter, tag #eightounceprizepack @acmeandco @acaiacoffee @porlexgrinders
3. Winner selected on Sunday at 2pm and will be informed via social media.  Prize will be ready for pickup or can be shipped. You win the pack shown in the photo above (with a choice between the large or small Porlex grinder).